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April Newsletter 2016

Published 09 Apr 2016
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Eliminate Isolate Minimise

The traditional concept of managing risk with hazards has changed with the new Health & Safety at Work Act. The idea of eliminate, isolate or minimise has been adjusted and your risk assessment approach and documentation should do so too.

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Pros and Cons in Employing Students

For most tertiary students this time of year signals the start of studies, the start of paying their own bills and the start of looking for employment.   Students bring with them a wealth of fresh ideas, flexibility and a savviness with technology, but can also trip up those Employers who do not understand how student jobs, or behaviour, should be managed under New Zealand’s employment law. ...full story

Boss gets Home Detention and Ordered to Pay $177k after Trench Collapse

Boss of a Waikato based construction company has been handed a sentence of Home Detention following the collapse of a trench at one of their worksites resulting in the death of a worker....full story

Employers Caught out by the Holidays Act

Making headlines in recent weeks is the discovery that many Employees throughout the public and private sector have been under paid.  An investigation by MBIE found that eight Employers collectively owed pay to 24,000 Employees, with amounts ranging from $70 to $1800 for each Employee. 
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Anzac Day

Anzac Day is upon us this month - Monday 25th April. After the Holidays Amendment Act 2013 ANZAC Day (and Waitangi Day) is "Mondayised" however it just happens to be a Monday this year anyway. Restricted trading hours remain observed until 1pm on Anzac Day regardless of the Mondayisation of the Public Holiday.

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