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Back To Work Grants Now Available for Auckland

Published 20 Feb 2023

The Government has pledged $50m for businesses adversely affected by cyclone Gabrielle. While how this will be distributed or used remains to be elucidated, they have announced that a series of Grants are now available for Auckland's small business community.
Grant Robertson, Finance Minister, recently announced a $5 million package of emergency support to help businesses significantly affected by the recent flooding in Auckland.

This includes:

  • $3 million for flood recovery payments to help significantly affected businesses.
  • $1 million for mental wellbeing support through a boost to the First Steps programme.
  • $1 million for small business advice focussed on business continuity and resilience.
  • Inland Revenue will also waive penalties for late payments for Auckland, Northland, the Bay of Plenty, Thames/Coromandel and Waikato.
Mr Robertson went on to say that they may consider "further support if required".

The categories for the Back to Work grants include:

  • Up to $5,000 for red/yellow stickered businesses;
  • Up to $2,000 for other businesses (not red or yellow stickered) who can demonstrate significant need;
  • $750 by declaration based on demonstration of a moderate level of need.

To apply, businesses must:

  • Have no less than one employee, and no more than 20.
  • Have been directly impacted, including but not limited to, having sustained damage to property/stock and have been unable to trade during normal trading hours.
  • Face significant cashflow issues due to continued challenges with customer access, ability to source stock, or operate as usual due to physical damage to equipment or premises, or delays in insurance assessment and repairs.
  • Be an otherwise viable business both before and after the flooding, and
  • Commit to acting in line with employment law and with due regard to their employees.
To apply for these grants, see or phone 0800 005 605.

At this stage the Government has made no other announcements for other areas.

Individual Civil Defence Payments

Individuals and families may also be able to get Civil Defence Payments from Work and Income depending upon circumstances and eligibility. Please see the following link for more information and applications: