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August 2009 Newsletter

Published 01 Aug 2009


On 1 July 2009 the Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Rate of Parental Leave Payment) Regulations 2009 came into force raising the weekly parental leave payment from $407.36 to $429.74.

Hazardous Substance Warning From DOL

The Department of Labour is reminding businesses to ensure procedures designed to protect staff from exposure to chemical leaks are kept up to date and equipment is regularly checked...full story

NZPA Reports That Wellington Best City to 'Get a Payout'

The multi million dollar cottage industry of suing employers not only grows but is more expensive for Wellington employers...full story

Review of the Holidays Act 2003 Announced

Employers Chance to Make Changes. Submissions are to be in by 21 August 09.
Employers Assistance Ltd is happy to receive any changes you would like us to submit - simply e-mail: story

Sleep Overs and the Minimum Wage

In a recent case on 'sleep-overs' (where employees are required to stay the night) employers in the industry face serious increases in wages. Some instances turn '$35.00 a night' into '$150.00 a night.' The Minimum Wage bites deep into some employers pockets. ...full story

Can You Test For Drugs & Alcohol?

We field many calls regarding breath testing for alcohol. When can employers test and how to go about it? The testing kits are expensive. You can now hire a very simple to use tester (Police and Land Transport use the same) and business owners can hire it for a small fee. It comes with instructions and a step by step system of what to do and how to do it....full story


Upcoming Employer seminars October and November 09. Let us know what content you would like covered...full story

EAL Provides Legal Representation

EAL has been providing advice and representation to employers on employment agreements, employment problems and the laws governing them since 1990...full story