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August newsletter 2010

Published 01 Aug 2010

The Need For Employee's Time, Wages & Holiday Records

Employers have a need for reasonable record keeping. Severe penalties (as in $10,000) can be imposed if one is asked for records that employers cannot produce. There is a new Bill before Parliament which proposes to increase the penalty to up to $20,000 If you would like to know what employers will be asked for in the event of a dispute arising...full story

Government Looks To Employers To Subsidise Recovery Of Injured Employees

A working group chaired by economist Paula Rebstock is suggesting employers need to be more involved with their employee's rehabilitation, care of their health (prevention) and getting sick or injured employees back to work sooner. More of the same. Let's hope the proposals tabled don't fly....full story

Changes To Employment Law Through Their First Reading

The Government has proposed two Bills. One relates to the Employment Relations Act 2000 and the other relates to the Holidays Act 2003. Our best guess is the legislation will be passed into law this year and come into force 1st April 2011...full story

Best Practices vs Illegal

We have a suggestion to make on the heart of the problems involving employment law consequences for employers...full story

Differences Between Probationary Periods & 90 Day Trial Periods

90 Day Trial Employment Court Case Won By Employee
Employers can safely have a 90 Day Trial Period. To find out why & how...full story


Employers Assistance Ltd are hosting a series of First Aid Training workshops provided by Life Care Consultants Ltd and you are invited to send an employee or two for training. The next course is Tues 21st Sept EAL, Unit 10a, 25 Airborne Road, Albany. The refresher course runs from 8:30am to 12:30pm, full course 8:30am to 4:30pm....full story