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December 2020 Newsletter

Published 07 Dec 2020
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Merry Christmas 2020

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers. We sincerely hope everyone can relax and recuperate for the coming year and the challenges 2021 will bring in this 'new normal' business climate. We are available throughout the upcoming holiday period telephonically and on email apart for the statutory Public Holidays.

Mondayisation of Public Holidays Xmas 2020

This year two Public Holidays fall on Saturdays. Read on for a run down of possible scenarios and entitlements....full story

Public Holidays dates Xmas 2020 and 2021

Full listings of the upcoming Public Holiday period over Christmas 2020 and the coming 2021 calendar year including the provincial anniversaries...full story

Volunteering over xmas?

Considering taking on volunteers over the Xmas period? Volunteers must not expect payment nor receive payment in any form...full story

Privacy Act 2020 guide

The new Privacy Act 2020 has certainly created a stir for employers. In terms of the employment relationship however, very little has changed, and the chances are most employers won't have to change anything to comply.

We have released a whitepaper as a guide to our members in the Employers Toolbox Library to outline the obligations to their staff.