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Disciplinary process in the Employers Toolbox

Published 10 Nov 2015

It's not usually the justification for disciplinary action where Employers come up short in the event of a personal grievance, it's the process they took.

While every situation needs to be looked at on a case by case basis there are fundamental rules on correct process for broad scenarios such as;

  • General misconduct
  • Serious misconduct
  • Medical Incapacity
  • Sub-standard performance
  • 90 Day Trial Periods

These processes are fully documented in our cloud based Employers Toolbox.

Over 65 scenarios are documented with process; the steps to take, meetings to call and the letters to use.

Customise, save, download to Word and even upload your own documents against the employee record for a comprehensive history with the staff member. Escalation or recurrence of events becomes far easier and quicker with all the records documented and in order for future reference.

Complimentary to the interactive discipline module there are also eBooks to download and read for a more in-depth discussion on various related subject matters such as; Restructuring & Redundancies, Medical Incapacity and Discipline & Dismissal.

All of this of course is backed by our in-house legal team, so if you still need help with your situation simply pick up the phone to discuss your situation.

All the above services are included in our Employers Support Package membership.