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Employer News June 2020

Published 20 Jun 2020
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New Workplace Hazard- The Bore-Out

A landmark ruling in France has seen an employee win the equivalent of $87,000 for boredom 'bore-out' syndrome....full story

Back to Business with Variation Agreements

Now that we are in Level 1 and this is likely to be something like a 'new normal', we recommend you revisit the previous signed variations and review or amend them as required...full story

Staff folders

A new feature in the Employers Toolbox is now available - Staff folders. You can now organise and store your uploaded staff documents into custom folders on the staff member's file....full story

Triangular Employment update

New laws for a "triangular" employment relationship allows personal grievances against a person or entity who controls another's work, as well as their actual employer....full story