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Employer Newsletter Sept 2020

Published 20 Sep 2020
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Know Your Notice Periods

Rules, reasons and defaults around the various types of notice period for terminating the employment relationship....full story

Don’t be scared of WorkSafe

The latest PR exercise from WorkSafe NZ encourages businesses "not to be scared of WorkSafe" and to fully engage with assistance offered from them, particularly when requested to conduct a Duty Holder Review.

...full story

EAL lockdown virtual conference

Our General Manager JJ Van Vuuren presenting in a virtual conference during the recent Auckland lockdown. Some topical issues covered with the wage subsidy, redundancies and apprentices....full story

Daylight Saving begins Sun 27 Sept

Daylight Saving will begin again this month at 2am on Sunday 27th September. At that point the clocks get set forwards 1 hour to 3.00am.

If you have any staff working at that time, they essentially work 1 hour less. However, legally they need to be paid for that extra hour as if it was worked regardless.

Daylight Saving lasts through to 4th April 2021 when clocks go back 1 hour to NZ standard time. We refer to this period as being on 'New Zealand daylight time'. Sunday early morning is always selected as the time to change as this period is suggested to impact the fewest workers.

Day saving was last reviewed in 2007 when it was agreed to extend it by 1 week. There are no current plans to review this again.