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Employer Newsletter September 2019

Published 13 Sep 2019
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Measles epidemic – what employers need to know

Measles is a highly contagious illness. Your workplace may well already be impacted by this disease....full story

Employers Toolbox has multi-document eSigning

eSign multiple documents including your own Word docs on our new eSigning Platform with the Employers Toolbox...full story

Rugby World Cup - passion or poison

Rugby World Cup 2019 has arrived. Is your business ready to handle the challenges?...full story

New Work Visa rules from the Government

The Labour led Government has announced new work visa rules to combat the problem facing 30,000 businesses bringing in skilled workers.

...full story

Daylight Saving Start Sept 29 2019

This month Daylight Saving begins on Sunday 29th September at 2.00am. Clocks are put forward one hour to 3.00am.

Any staff who are working during that time will be working an hour less, however, still must be paid for that skipped hour as if it was worked.

Clock goes forwards