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Employers Newsletter Jan 2024

Published 23 Jan 2024
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Latest News Jan 2024

In case you missed it - at the end of last month, the Government repealed Fair Pay Agreements (FPAs) and reverted the 90 Day Trial Period (90DTP) to be available to all employers (not just those with less than 20 employees).

We urge you to use our free online tools (90 day calculator and check wizard) when before considering a termination  under a 90DTP to ensure you stay complaint and within the strict rules of the 90 DTP.

Remember also we are in Public Holiday season; Monday, Jan 22 (Wellington Anniversary), Monday, 29 Jan (Auckland & Nelson Anniversaries) and Waitangi Day, Tuesday Feb 6. All the usual rules apply, if you are unsure please refer to our eBook on Annual Holidays and Leave in your Employers Toolbox Library, or give us a call.

Understanding Fixed Term Employment Agreements

Employers who use fixed term employment agreements must ensure that they understand and comply with their corresponding legal requirements. Using a fixed term employment agreement for reasons of convenience, or for any non-legitimate reason can present significant risk for the Employer....full story

Covid-19 and the Workplace – What are the Rules Now?

Covid-19 has become an accepted part of life in many respects now. To that end, many of the rules and ‘tough attitudes’ towards covid-19 have diminished, or have been dismantled entirely. But what are the rules now, and how is covid-19 still relevant to the workplace?...full story

Easter Trading Restrictions To End?

Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 are antiquated, outdated and no longer fit for purpose, placing unfair disadvantage to businesses simply because they operate from 'bricks and mortar' premises. Act has lodged a Bill to remove some restrictions....full story

Pre-employment questionnaires in Employers Toolbox

As part of a robust screening and decision making process, employers need to know as much as possible about the person they are considering for a role which is potentially permanent with them. Use your inbuilt online pre-employment questionnaire for job applicants as a screening tool before you make them an offer of employment....full story