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Employers Newsletter Oct 2017

Published 15 Oct 2017
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Employment Court Overrides 90 Day Trial Period

A recent Employment Court determination has reinforced that strict compliance is required with the contractual provisions of a 90 Day Trial Period. When terminating employment, giving the wrong notice period opens the door for a successful personal grievance....full story

Health & Safety - Robberies

No matter where you look at the moment media is reporting that small businesses across the country are being targeted for armed robberies, occurrences of this are increasing and it seems like a new incident is being reported on a daily basis....full story

Labour Day Public Holiday

New Zealand's Labour Day commemorating the eight-hour work day, is observed on Monday the 23rd October this year (2017). If your Employee works on any part of a Public Holiday the Employee must be paid time and a half for the actual hours worked....full story

Time and Wage Record Keeping

The importance of keeping proper time and wage records should never be underestimated. Keeping good records is not only sound commercial sense, but also a legal requirement and is strongly enforced by MBIE as a spate of recent awards demonstrate...full story