EAL SAAS Data Policy


1. "SAAS" means Software As A Service
2. "HRIS" means Human Resources Information System
3. "ETB" means the Employers Toolbox, SAAS HRIS cloud platform.
4. "EAL" or "us" or "we" means Employers Assistance Ltd.
5. "You" or "your" means your business entity or you personally as a licencee of the ETB.


This policy outlines the rules of engagement with respect to the data provided, uploaded, and generated in the ETB owned and operated by EAL.


The ETB comes pre-populated with template documents and template generation software wholly owned by EAL. Throughout the use of the ETB this remains the intellectual property of EAL at all times.

Any and all documents and data generated from your legitimate and licensed use of the ETB becomes your property.

All data and documents uploaded by you in the legitimate and licensed use of the ETB is your property and remains so at all times.

EAL warrants it will not use, dissemminate or sell your data at any point during or after any agreed licence period.

EAL warrants that to the best of their ability and knowledge, to protect your data from unauthorised use and access we are using both built in 3rd party platform security measures (Microsoft Azure SAAS) and industry standards and its own custom designed security features inherently designed with this private cloud SAAS.

For Microsoft Azure privacy policy please see here: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-au/overview/trusted-cloud/privacy/

You may download any and all of your data, both uploaded and generated at any point during the legitimate and licensed use of the ETB using the facilities provided with the ETB or methods inherent with common accepted web browsers.

You may also request EAL to purge your data at any point during your licenced use of the ETB.

After termination of a licenced period EAL reserve the right to purge your data at their discretion after a period of twelve (12) months without notice to you.

EAL reserves the right to change this policy at any point without notice to you.