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Employers Toolbox Mobile

Published 27 Nov 2014

Employers Toolbox Mobile site

Our flagship product - the Employers Toolbox, now has a mobile web application available.

We have rolled out our new Mobile web application for handheld devices. Designed specifically for smartphones the new mobile site offers reference and download capability for the modern devices. 

At the login screen for the Employers Toolbox ( the web browser will automatically detect if you are using a mobile device, this includes smartphones and most tablets. The user of a mobile device is then presented with a different login screen than usual.  Subsequently the mobile user is presented with the Employers Toolbox Mobile site.

The Mobile site is optimised for handheld devices in terms of both design and functionality. It is designed as a reference and download tool giving the user their own files and information rather than the ability to customise and generate new material.

Specifically, the Mobile site gives users the ability to:
  • View and set system alerts
  • Read news from our public blog
  • View video tutorials
  • Download staff documents - Employment Agreements, disciplinary documents, performance reviews and uploaded documents
  • Download documents from the Library
  • Download Employment Agreements, Templates and supporting documents
  • Performance reviews and supporting documents downloads
  • Discipline and dismissal documentation, system and any saved documents you have created.

As usual we welcome your feedback and comments about the new system, we hope you find it useful. Everyone who has an Employers Toolbox account automatically has access to this new version - just access the Employers Toolbox with your mobile device. All login credentials remain the same.