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Employers Toolbox Upgrades June 2014

Published 05 Jun 2014

Staff lateness

If punctuality or Employee tardiness is a problem in your workplace you can now manage it within the new cloud based Employers Toolbox.
At the bottom of Employee page there is a facility to log the staff member's lateness by date and minutes. This can then be reported on and a graph produced to document staff lateness by day and overall lost hours through time.
Staff lateness, click to zoom

Health & Safety Online

H and S Manuals, click to zoom
The three major downloadable manuals from the Health & Safety module have been moved and have upgraded functionality.
Staff Training Manual, Records & Reports and the Health & Safety Manual are now found under the 'Manual & Systems' item on the Health & Safety homepage.
These 3 manuals now have the functionality which allows you to upload your own customised versions of these manuals in place of the provided standard templates.
Customised manuals can be in any format you choose and get stored in your cloud account where only you have access.

It's important to note however, by replacing our provided manuals with your own customised ones, it removes the dynamic addition to the manual of Hazard, Incident, Accident and Hazardous Substances register. These should be manually downloaded separately from their respective areas in the system.
There is also a 'restore' feature which at any point you can choose to revert back to our originals.

Thank you

A big thankyou to those who have assisted us in the provision and development of these new features, we always appreciate feedback from our customers.

Please don't hesitate to call the team on 0800 15 8000 with any questions, ongoing suggestions or your login details if unsure.