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Updated Employment Agreements

Published 21 Apr 2024

Our Employment Agreements and Employee Handbook templates have been updated.

In line with legislative changes and our recommended best practices the following updates have been applied to our full time, part time, fixed term and causal Individual Employment Agreements, and also to our Employee Handbook template (where applicable):
  • Abandonment of Employment: An additional clause that makes it clear no notice is applicable in the event an abandonment termination process is completed.
  • Employee Protection Provision: Clarifying notice and redundancy obligations in certain circumstances involving business sales and transfer of employment. Namely, obligations associated with a ‘technical redundancy’ scenario.
  • Disclosure Obligations for Prescription Drugs: An additional clause placing a positive obligation on an employee to disclose their use of prescription drugs, or medicines where that could adversely affect safety or performance.
  • Early Ending - Parental Leave (fixed term employment agreement only): This clause makes it clear that the employer can end a fixed term employment agreement for parental leave cover early by giving notice should the employee on parental leave return to work earlier.
  • Sexual Harassment Dispute Resolution: Reference to the 12 month time-frame for raising sexual harassment based claims (extended from 90 days).
  • Availability Periods Guidance Commentary: Additional commentary added to the help functions of the employment agreement builder to assist employers to understand ‘availability’ law considerations.

If you generate your Employment Agreements from our current templates in the Employers Toolbox, these changes are already included, so you don't have to worry. If not, you may wish to update your agreement templates accordingly to ensure you are using the most up to date version. Please see our templates here.

If you need to discuss the necessity of doing this in respect to your particular use or circumstances please call our office and speak to one of the team: 09 447 1527