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February 2012

Published 08 Feb 2012

Employment Court Attacks 90 Day Trial Period

Court Judgment Makes It Even More Onerous to Safely Use 90 Day Trial Periods.
Judge Colgan's decision in the Blackmore v Honick Properties Ltd Case adds complexity for Employers who want to apply the 90 Day Trial Period....full story

Entitlements For Public Holidays

Do you want to know if you got it right? For the details, please...full story

When Employees Are "On Call" On Public Holidays

Employees who are on call for a public holiday, but are not called out, are entitled to any on-call rates as stipulated in their employment agreement and may be entitled to an alternative day...full story

New Product Health and Safety Online

EAL are experienced in Occupational Safety and Health, having provided this service for businesses for many years. We have developed "Health and Safety Online" for Employers who wish to manage their own Health and Safety. It is web based and is available on a monthly subscription basis. For more information, please go to or email us at

EAL Website Redesign

EAL are currently redeveloping the web site ( The intention is to make it easier for clients to use the site and also to provide more regular updates on Employment related events as they occur. The plan is for the new site to go live in March 2012.

Road code - Give way rules changing