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February Newsletter 2016

Published 10 Feb 2016
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H & S Staff Representatives and Committees

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and will come into force on 4 April 2016. The Act imposes a duty on employers to engage with employees on an ongoing basis on matters concerning health and safety. Businesses over 20 staff are required to have a Health & Safety nominated representative....full story

Must watch Employment cases

Each year the Employment Relations Authority and higher courts release judgments which give guidance to how the employment legislative framework should be interpreted and indicate how similar disputes will be decided in the future.  2016 is no different.  Two cases in particular will be heard this year with potential implications for businesses....full story

Health & Safety changes - Employers Toolbox

We are beginning to roll our modifications to the functionality of the Health and Safety module of the Employers Toolbox. The changes required under the new Act manifest in our cloud systems as both system functionality changes and the output deliverables as the reports and manuals for legislative compliance....full story

Upcoming Law changes for 2016

Most employers will be aware that new health and safety legislation will come into force from April of this year.  You may not be aware however that there are other less publicised, but as influential, employment legislation that is waiting in the wings and also expected to be enacted this year....full story

Employers Toolbox config settings update

The way you access configuration settings in the Employers Toolbox has changed....full story