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How to Keep Great Staff

Version 6.

The book How to Keep Great Staff tells you what to do and how to do it:
• Use techniques to retain staff
• Find out why your staff leave
• Assess the impact management style has on staff leaving, and
• Learn how to manage change
• Increase staff loyalty
• Retain the knowledge that staff gain while working for you
• Avoid the interruptions to productivity that occur when staff leave
• Avoid the costs of hiring and training new staff
• Maintain your competitiveness
• Be a great Employer

A brief synopsis follows;

Getting to Great Staff
Why do people work?
Recognising human needs
The Role Of Money
Some interesting thoughts about money
What motivates me?
Incentives to achieve motivation
Some rules for incentives and rewards
Why Do People Leave?
Why do people leave?
Exit interviews
Keys to exit interview success
The Impact Of Your Own Style
The impact of your own style
True leadership
Influencing tactics
The LEAD questionnaire
Determining leadership style
Style range
Evaluating your personal style
Task behaviour
Relationship behaviour
A final note on style
The Importance Of Team Work
The importance of team work
Doing the ground work
The benefits of team work
What is a team anyway?
Create a common purpose statement
The advantages of a team based approach
Payoffs from team based work
Not all teams work well
Achieving consensus
Writing a team constitution
Resolving conflict in the team
The importance of coaching
Identifying coaching needs
Collecting coaching needs data
Analyse the data
Prioritising coaching needs
Coaching preparation
The coaching session
Performance review
Your style
Conducting the interview
Some common pitfalls
Things to remember for effectiveness
Team surveys
Planning To Motivate The Team
Identifying what motivates your team member
The manager's role in motivating team members
Motivating your team: action plan
Managing people through change
The nature of change
The role of the manager in managing change
Getting the right people
The position description
Employment agreement
Responsibility charting
Change management strategy
Beating off resistance to change
Types of difficult people
Controlling resistance to change
Action planning for change

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