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January 2014 Newsletter

Published 01 Jan 2014
All the Very Best for the New Year!

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Better Safety Rating, Better Business

ACC Minister Judith Collins says a new Safety Star Rating Scheme (SSRS) is a good opportunity for ACC to encourage better practices with a tangible measure of progress....full story

Employee Awarded Over $18,000 After Being Dismissed For Not Revealing Criminal Record

Dismissal for misrepresenting criminal convictions requires caution....full story

Are You Confident That Your Employees Are Fit For Work?

Employers can unfortunately face issues with staff members coming to work ‘worse for wear’ because of over consumption the night before....full story

Employees Who Are On Call On Public Holidays

Given the many public holidays at this time of year, the following article is a quick reminder of the general guidelines for 'on call' employee's entitlements. ...full story