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January 2015 Newsletter

Published 20 Jan 2015
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Bullying - A threat to business that is flying under the radar

The provision and ensuring of a safe and secure workplace is one of the most important legal requirements facing today’s employer.  To ensure that they meet this requirement most employers focus a lot of effort and capital to meet all physical and operational health and safety requirements.
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Flexible Working Arrangements New Provisions Apply

The Employment Relations Amendment Act 2013 comes in force on 5th April 2015 and changes the flexible working requirements. Read on for guidelines on approving and declining requests from staff.
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Video Tutorials on Employers Toolbox

A series of brief video tutorials are available online demonstrating the features and functionality of the cloud based Employers Toolbox online. Short videos designed to help you get the most out of the online systems available.
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Tax on Worker Receiving "Schedular Payments"

The IRD advise that if a worker receiving "schedular payments" (withholding tax) tells you not to deduct PAYE from their income, you need to check they hold a valid certificate of exemption:

  1. The certificate must be an original issued by Inland Revenue.
  2. It must be current at the time you pay the worker—even if the work was done in a previous year.
  3. The name and IRD number on the certificate must be the same as the name on the worker's invoice.
  4. If all the above points are covered, you can make payments without deducting tax.

Holiday Entitlements For Waitangi Day 2015

Waitangi Day occurs on Friday 6th February 2015. Here is information on the law relating to Employees' holiday and pay entitlements...full story