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July 2010 Newsletter

Published 01 Jul 2010
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OSH Prosecution Of Managers (The liability is personal)

The recent personal prosecution of the Managing Director of Icepak Coolstores in Tamahere and the resulting $30,000 personal fine signals a red flag that managers, directors and owners need to take notice of ...full story

Girl Guiding ordered to pay $33,500

Girl Guiding Organisation Ordered to pay $33,500 because of Unfair Dismissal.
A 30 year veteran of the Girl Guiding organisation has been awarded $33,500 by the Employment Relations Authority ...full story


Being an employer brings on a raft of responsibilities. But if the employers did not present the hazards of machinery, tools plus dangerous tasks and hazardous environments, then no employee would ever suffer work related injuries or require time off work as a result....full story

Proposed Changes to Employment Law (90 Day Trial Period & Buy Back 1 Week of Annual Holidays)

The National Government has announced proposed changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000. The protest movement have completely missed the point that the planned changes are designed to create more jobs, provide employees with more flexibility with their holidays and make the system more efficient ....full story

Employer Obligations Where Employee Has Committed Criminal Offence In Workplace

It often happens that misconduct, which occurs within the workplace, is also the subject of a police investigation. When faced with such circumstances, employers are sometimes tempted to believe that they can take action because the person is in Police custody. However, employers must still follow due process....full story

Drug & Alcohol Workshop

Employers Assistance Ltd is running a series of Drug & Alcohol advanced training workshops, designed for Managers and Supervisors. The next one will be held on Thursday August 26th 2010 in Albany, 10:00am to 3:30pm.