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July 2017 Employers Newsletter

Published 12 Jul 2017
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Contractor or Employee? $65,000 fine for getting it wrong.

The legal distinction of who is an Independent Contractor and who is an Employee has significant financial liabilities attached to it. It is vital from the outset that the business relationship is defined because if there is a lack of clarity and a dispute arises then the business could face serious financial ramifications in regards to tax payments, back pay for Holidays and employment rights as a Hamilton car dealer found out....full story

Uploading documents - Employers Toolbox

Document upload and storage in the Employers Toolbox Online is available in three specific places. The idea being to allow users the ability to store relevant documents together. There is no limit on size or number of documents in your cloud account, and you can change permissions for even better control....full story

Jury Service

Jury service is an important way to contribute to the justice system and your local community. If your employee has been summonsed for jury duty it is important you talk with them about how long they might be off work due to a trial, some trials can last a day or two however other trials may last the whole week or longer which could affect your business....full story

Hazardous Chemicals Update

New rules and regulations around Hazardous Substances come into force this December (2017). This may affect approximately 150,000 businesses in New Zealand who use, handle, manufacture or store hazardous substances in their workplaces....full story