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June 2014 Newsletter

Published 01 Jun 2014
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Employer Successfully Recovers Training Costs from Employee

The Employer had invested heavily in training an Employee. Subsequently a training bond agreement was put in place. After the Employee had resigned, the Employer successfully recovered the training costs via the Employment Relations Authority....full story

Lying During Disciplinary Investigation Leads To Dismissal

The disciplinary investigation was as a result of the Employee recruiting a casual Employee without the necessary approvals....full story

Employers and KiwiSaver Enrolments

Employees who start a new job and meet the criteria for automatic enrolment must be enrolled in KiwiSaver, unless you offer an approved alternative superannuation scheme or have been granted exempt employer status....full story

Employers Toolbox Feature Update

Our popular cloud system, "The Employers Toolbox" has some new features and functionality this month. Health and Safety module upgrade - find out what we've introduced for the Health & Safety Manuals and report downloads, and a new feature for Employee management - staff lateness. Manage and monitor Employee punctuality with this new facility.

...full story