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June Employers Newsletter 2019

Published 12 Jun 2019
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Rest and Meal breaks vs the Bus Industry

Due to the current Government rewinding the legislation to the old draconian rules around Rest & Meal breaks, the Bus industry has been tipped into turmoil to achieve compliance.

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Diversity and Inclusion in AirNZ

Keeping up with NZ's culture, social norms and embracing diversity & inclusion Air NZ have backed down from their strict stance over visible tattoos in the workplace....full story

Quad bikes need crush protection devices

It's a well known fact that there are serious health & safety risks around the use of quad bikes. WorkSafe are now strongly recommending the use of Crush Protection Devices...full story

New drug testing standards

At the end of March this year New Zealand and Australia received new standards and procedures for specimen collection, detection, and quantification of drugs in oral fluid - AS/NZS 4760:2019. Australia has always had the standard but it's a first for NZ.

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