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May 2012 Newsletter

Published 18 May 2012

Having No Employment Agreement Costs Professional Company Thousands of Dollars

EAL have been emphasising the importance of having employment agreements for all employees. Here is an example of how things can go wrong for an Employer if they haven't....full story

Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Queen’s Birthday Holiday is observed on the first Monday in June. In 2012 this will be Monday 4th June. An employee who “normally” works on Monday, but is not required to work on the public holiday will be paid for the day at the ‘relevant daily rate’ (what they would have received if they had worked the day in question). If the employee is required to work they will receive ‘time and a half’ for the hours worked , and providing it is a ‘normal’ day of work, ONE alternative holiday, to be taken later.

Cabinet Approved Employment Law Changes

The 14th of May saw Cabinet approve a number of proposed changes to employment law....full story

Proposed Changes to Flexible Working Arrangement

The Minister of Labour, Kate Wilkinson has announced a package of measures including extending workers’ rights to request flexible working arrangements to all employees, from their first day in the job. Employers need to be aware of the implications....full story

Secret Ballot for Strikes

On 14 May 2012, a new amendment Act was passed.  This Act will take effect on the 15 May 2013. From that date all proposed strikes must be voted upon by way of secret ballot (rather than the more traditional ‘show of hands’) with a majority in favour before the strike will be legal. This rule does not apply for strikes that relate to Health and Safety issues.

Recruitment Process Change

Due to recent case law, employers are advised to put themselves in a position where they can prove they have met the obligations when making a job offer....full story

Health and Safety Online Available Now

For Employers who wish to manage their own Health and Safety compliance, here is a web based computer system which is available on a monthly subscription basis.  Order this month and receive a complimentary Staff Training Manual and also the last 2 months of the year’s subscription will be rebated.  Health and Safety Online is priced at $35 plus GST per month for ESP members ($50 plus GST for non members), with a minimum term of 1 year.  For more information, please see or email

New EAL Website

EAL’s new website went live recently.  The design brief was to make it easier for clients to use the site, improve the search facilities and also to provide more regular updates on the home page of Employment related events as they occur.  If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the site, we would appreciate it if you could email your feedback to