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May Newsletter 2015

Published 10 May 2015
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Government Enforcement of Employment Standards

The Government has approved a package of measures to strengthen enforcement of employment standards.
These changes will be reflected in an Employment Standards Bill which will be introduced to Parliament this year. The Bill will go through a normal select committee process including public submissions before it is passed into law.
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Judge Overrules Boss who Slapped Worker's Behind 'in jest'

Judge reverses ERA decision about sexual harassment of Hamilton based business owner from Dec 2014. Slap on the behind is actually sexual harassment after all.
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Company Calendar New Feature

The Employers Toolbox online has a new feature - the Company Calendar report. A report to combine all the system events and staff leave in a monthly calendar format, a great planning tool.
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Taxing Cashed-in Annual Leave

The IRD advise that if you agree to cash-in an employee's annual leave (up to one week), the payment they receive is considered a "lump sum". PAYE on lump sums is worked out at a flat rate, which changes depending on the employee's grossed-up annual income.
Receiving a lump sum increases your employee's annual income. This means they'll need to adjust their family income if they have child support and/or Working for Families Tax Credits.

For more information on the process of cashing in annual leave please see our eBook on Annual Holidays and Leave. This is available to download in the Library section of the Employers Toolbox or for purchase online for non-members.

Queen's Birthday

The Queen's birthday is observed on the first Monday in June, and this year that is June 1st. The usual rules for penal rates and a day's alternative holiday (day in lieu) apply, Here's a quick reminder.
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