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May Newsletter 2016

Published 10 May 2016
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Workplace Bullying

At the end of the 20/20 World Cup many cricket fans will still be basking in the glory of New Zealand’s ‘golden summer’.  This season of cricket has brought with it vast array of debates amongst sporting fanatics, alternative commentaries and throughout the workplace. One topic that is sure to ignite such a debate is the extent to which sledging is acceptable within a gentleman’s game....full story

Health & Safety Inductions When Using a Contractor

Contractor Inductions have undergone a re-vamp in the Employers Toolbox Health & Safety online. Every contractor listed in the system now has the facility to generate, download and upload induction packs and policy manuals....full story

New Parental Leave Rules

The recent celebration of Mother’s Day is a good reminder to Employers that they need to check that their parental leave policies are up to date and reflect new law changes. The Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act has been amended this year to extend the eligibility for, and duration of, parental leave, and allow greater flexibility to Employees when returning to work.
...full story

Labour Law Breaches Cost Small Business $54K

Following a compliant from an ex-employee, MBIE brought a case against a Wellington business ?owner following several shortcomings of  minimum labour standards costing the company $54,000...full story

Queen's Birthday

This year Queen’s Birthday Holiday will be observed on Monday June 6th. An Employee who ‘normally’ works on Monday, but is not required to work on the Public Holiday, will be paid for the day at either the ‘relevant daily rate’ (what they would have received if they had worked the day in question)....full story