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Merry Xmas from EAL

Published 16 Dec 2022

As 2022 draws to a close I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our members for your continued support again this year. It has been a tough year without a doubt following two years of major disruptions, significantly increased costs to be an employer and ever-changing goal posts to navigate.

We are open throughout the festive period apart from the Public Holidays to support you.

If you're still unclear of how the stats are recognised over the break please see our calendar here.

We trust you get a well deserved break over the coming period in whatever form that may come, and recharge those batteries for the challenges in the new year.

The Fair Pay Agreements (FPA) system is underway this month, and already one application lodged for the hospitality industry from Unite Union. The Government have created a public 'dashboard' on their website for all to see the status of what's in process:

At this stage you would be forgiven to say this does have a somewhat temporary feel about it as National and Act have promised to repeal if elected next year.

We look forwards to working with you again in the coming year

Merry Xmas

JJ van Vuuren LLB
General Manager