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Minimum wage rise April 1 2019

Published 11 Mar 2019

In making good on minimum wage promises the labour-led Government raised the minimum adult wage to $17.70 per hour gross. This takes effect from Monday April 1st 2019.

That's a raise of $1.20 per hour to the adult rate. Starting out and training rates also get respective increases. These rates being 80% of the adult minimum rate.

Important to remember if you already pay above the minimum wage there is no obligation to increase all wages respectively, it's just for those where you will be paying less than $17.70 per hour gross. Bear in mind if you pay a 'Total remuneration package' if the KiwiSaver employer contributions once deducted bring the hourly rate to below $17.70 you are required to top it up.

Worth noting that the current Government have promised to raise the minimum wage rate to $20 by 2021 therefore we can expect a similar hike this time in 12 months again.

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