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October 2012 Newsletter

Published 19 Oct 2012

Employer Wins Case Even Though Dismissal Process Was Flawed

Judge Barry Travis, in the Employment Court, has ruled the Employee had acted so badly she deserved to be dismissed....full story

The Government Is Planning To Introduce The Starting-out Wage

The Government will re-introduce a youth pay rate (called Starting-out Wage) which will see some 16 to 19 year olds making a minimum of $10.80 per hour (at current rates)....full story

Christmas 2012 Holidays

Christmas and New Year - 2012/2013...full story

KiwiSaver and Minimum Wage

Can an Employer’s KiwiSaver contribution be included in the calculation of an Employee's minimum wage?...full story

Costly 90 Day Trial Period Lessons To Be Learnt

The Employment Agreement was put in place 3 weeks after the Employee commenced duties and the following month the Employee was dismissed - it was a very costly mistake by the Employer - the Employee was awarded $16,000....full story

Pre-Employment Drug Testing For Job Seekers On Benefits

The Goverment  has announced that from July 2013, job seekers on benefits will be sanctioned if they refuse a drug test....full story