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October 2013 Newsletter

Published 04 Oct 2013
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Involvement of Police Leads to Constructive Dismissal

An Employee who had a police officer attend her home and tell her that he had information that she had allegedly taken items from the workplace such as pots and pans was held to have been constructively dismissed from her employment after she resigned....full story

No Change to Mileage Rate for 2013

The IRD advises that the motor vehicle mileage rate is reviewed every year.

The rate for 2013 will remain 77 cents per kilometre for both petrol and diesel fuel vehicles. Employers can choose to use actual costs rather than the mileage rate. Employers doing so must keep records to support any expenditure claimed.

The mileage rate doesn’t apply to motor cycles.

Taxing Cashed-Up Annual Holidays

Employees can "cash in" up to one week of their annual holiday entitlement if the Employee and Employer agree. ...full story

Holiday Entitlements for Labour Weekend 2013

Labour Day is observed on Monday 28th October 2013. Here is information on the law relating to Employees' holiday and pay entitlements.

...full story


Downsizing, Redundancy, Delayering, Restructuring - these are the toughest tasks you will ever face in management. Redundancy is a form of dismissal and managing the change process is not easy - It is fraught with pitfalls potentially leaving the Employer vunerable to successful personal greviances....full story