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October 2014 Newsletter

Published 01 Oct 2014
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Unpaid Work Trials & the Minimum Wage

Some Employers take on a person on the basis of an unpaid work trial to determine suitability and wish to treat the person as a volunteer. 
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Holiday Entitlements For Labour Weekend 2014

Labour Day is observed on Monday 27th October 2014. Here is information on the law relating to Employees' holiday and pay entitlements.

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Managing Employees' Notice Period

No employment related legislation deals with giving notice of the intention of resignation. This condition of employment must be recorded and described in the Individual Employment Agreement (IEA) between Employer and Employee.         ...full story

Employee Awarded $18,000 For Unjustified Dismissal Following Workplace Stress

Ongoing conflict between two Employee teachers resulted in the dismissal of one of the teachers for medical incapacity due to workplace stress.

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Public Holiday Schedule for 2015

Here is the Public Holiday schedule for 2015
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