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Omicron Phase 2 is here

Published 15 Feb 2022

From midnight tonight (15 Feb 2022) NZ will officially be in Phase 2 of the Omicron response.

This means isolation times are reduced.

10 days isolation if you are covid positive, self-release after this time and being 72hours symptom free.

7 days isolation if you're a close contact, with a PCR test on day 5.

Government information site for Phase 2 is here:

The Government has decided what businesses they consider critical, and thus can apply to be registered as a critical service and their workers benefit from being able to continue to work if they become a close contact providing negative RAT tests are achieved.

The broad categories are:

  • Food production and its supply chain
  • Key public services like health and emergency services
  • Lifeline utilities such as power and water supplies
  • Transport
  • Critical financial services
  • News media
  • Social welfare
  • Human and animal health and welfare
For applying and more information on this scheme please see the following Government site: