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Parental Leave update July 2020

Published 02 Jul 2020

Parental Leave entitlements have been increased by the Government July 1 2020.

There are two changes/updates regarding paid parental leave.

  • The current benefit received during paid parental leave has increased to a maximum of $606.46 a week before tax.
  • The number of weeks for paid parental leave was increased with an additional 4 weeks, effective from the 1st of July 2020.

The 4 weeks increase of the paid benefit however has no consequence on the extended weekly entitlement and this will remain 26 or 52 weeks respectively.  Companies should however amend and expect that the new norm for time off due to parental leave will be 26 weeks.  

The entitlement is determined based on the birth date or due date (whichever is later) or date the child comes in to the care of the primary care giver:

  • If above date is before the 30 June 2020 the entitlement will be 22 weeks or
  • If above date is on or after 1 July 2020 the entitlement will be 26 weeks.
Our Parental Leave guide has been updated with these changes and is available now in the Library section of your Employers Toolbox.
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