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September 2009 Newsletter

Published 01 Sep 2009

Employer Seminars are here

Coming to a centre near you, our seminars begin in Auckland on 14th October and run nationwide until 12th November. These seminars are free to Employer Support Package members

Risk of regional airport disruption unacceptable

The Government will introduce legislation to address the threat of regional airport control towers being closed and services unnecessarily disrupted, Minister of Labour Kate Wilkinson announced...full story


In a recent In a recent redundancy case Jinkinson v Oceana Gold (NZ) Ltd - there was a casual employment agreement in place. The applicant, a grade controller, worked on a consistent basis following a roster but there were times when she was told there was no work available...full story

Daylight Saving Reminder

In New Zealand, we turn our clocks forward one hour at 2.00am on the last Sunday in September which this year is the 27th.September 2009.

If, due to turning the clocks forward, an employee works less hours than they would normally work, they must be paid for the hour lost.

We turn clocks back one hour at 3.00am on the first Sunday in April. which will be the 4th April 2010

If, due to turning the clocks backwards, an employee works more hours than they would normally work, they must be paid for the extra hour at the rate normally paid for excess hours worked.