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September 2013 Newsletter

Published 01 Sep 2013
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EAL website updates

Our interactive online toolbox has new features released and PayPal now accepted here online....full story

Daylight Saving Sept 2013

Here in New Zealand, we turn our clocks forward one hour at 2.00am on the last Sunday in September which this year is the 29th September 2013.

If, due to turning the clocks forward, an Employee works fewer hours than they would normally work, they must be paid for the hour lost.

We turn clocks back one hour at 3.00am on the first Sunday in April. which will be the 6th April 2014

Again, if due to turning the clocks backwards, an Employee works more hours than they would normally work, they must be paid for the extra hour at the rate normally paid for excess hours worked.

Dismissal for Misuse of Sick Leave Invalid

A flight attendant was dismissed due to misuse of sick leave and untruthfulness during an investigation, however the Employment Relations Authority found that the dismissal was invalid....full story

Bonuses Increasingly Upheld By Employment Relations Authority

When defining the criteria for Employees' bonus schemes,  Employers should be clear and specific, otherwise they may find that they have to pay more than they had anticipated....full story

How to Dismiss Staff software upgrade

Our popular software title 'How to Dismiss Staff' version 3.01 is now available.
This is a free upgrade to users of version 2.08 or higher. Includes extensive help file updates & revised letters for many disciplinary issues.
Upgrade offer on now; buy the How to Dismiss Staff software before October 31st at the discounted rate of $199.00 inc gst and receive a complimentary copy of our top selling Employment Contracts Creator software.
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