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September 2016 Newsletter

Published 03 Sep 2016
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Councils Control Easter Sunday Trading

New Easter Sunday trading legislation has been passed allowing local Councils to decide whether retailers are allowed to stay open on Easter Sunday....full story

Employers Toolbox Mobile Version Update

The Employers Toolbox Mobile web application has been updated. The largest area of change in the update lies within the addition of Health & Safety to the Mobile version. For subscribers to Health & Safety online the Mobile Toolbox will automatically have the Health & Safety as a menu item at the top....full story

Land Wars Commemoration Not a Public Holiday

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English has confirmed that a Land Wars commemoration day will not be a public holiday.

...full story

Daylight Savings Springs Forward

Please remember that Daylight Saving will begin again on Sunday 25th September.  At 2.00am clocks are put forward one hour to 3.00am.  
Employees who are working their shift during the time Daylight Saving starts, will work an hour less, but should still get paid as if the extra hour was worked.
Daylight Saving ends on 2 April 2017.

$53,000 For Exploiting Migrant Worker

Wellington employer Sun 2 Moon has  been ordered to pay $53,000 to ex-employee by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA). The boss was found in serious breach of minimum employment standards after exploiting immigrant workers....full story