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Published 01 Dec 2010

There are traps in the new 90 day trial period.

We are running a series of 2 hour seminars where we will address the issues.

The first one will be held at Employers Assistance in Albany on Wednesday 15th December 2010 (from 2pm to 4pm). They will continue in February and March 2011 throughout NZ.

There are 25 venues involved. Employers Support Package members attend free and others will be $45.00 plus GST ($51.75 including GST).

The Seminars will cover the new Employment Law legislation (Holidays Amendment Act 2010 and the Employment Relations Amendment Act) which have just been passed by Parliament and how the changes affect Employers.

The topics from the new legislation are:
  • Changes to 90 Day Trial Periods and the Dangers for Employers;
  • Paying Out Annual Holiday Entitlement;
  • Proof of Sickness Requirements;
  • Transferring Public Holidays to Another Day;
  • Holidays and Closedowns;
  • Changes to Personal Grievance Provisions;
  • Union Access to Work Places;
  • Retaining Employment Agreements;
  • The Powers of Labour Inspectors.
You will be presented with New Information (what you can do and how you can do it). There will also be a question and answer session which may relate to the seminar topics, or you are welcome to raise other issues you may have.

Please indicate your interest in any employment law subject you would like to see covered in the seminars and your interest in attending. We will send you venues, dates and times when they are finalised.

Please e-mail or phone 0800 15 8000.