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Working from Home - Teleworking

In  this  guide  we  are  addressing  matters  about  work  performed  in  the  employee’s  usual  place  of  residence  rather  than  work  being  done  remote  at  job  sites  or  customer premises away from  the business’s usual place of work.  We also draw a distinction between working from home – teleworking and “homeworking”.  “Homeworking” is often associated with piece-work arrangements involving light manufacturing  or  assembly  work.  Working  from  home  or  teleworking  is  often  more  aligned  with  administrative functions, sales and marketing or advisory or professional services. Having made that distinction many of the principles are the same.

It is important for both parties, the Employer and the Employee, to remember that the employment relationship does not change and the rights and obligations of both parties remain in place.  Foremost of these responsibilities are those relating to health and safety. The nature of the relationship also relies on a high  level of trust to make it  successful and good communication  between  the  parties  is  paramount.

Working  from  home  –  teleworking,  is  one  aspect  of  flexible  working arrangements. Other flexible  working arrangements include “flexi-time”, part time work, condensed hours, job sharing and the like. Please note that an employee can request an employer to consider flexible work arrangements for a variety of reasons including a return from parental/maternity leave arrangements.  The Employment Relations Act 2000 and the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987 place obligations on the employer to consider requests for flexible work arrangements in good faith and to engage with the employee in a timely manner. 

This pack provides the Employer with a host of material to support and develop certainty and control around this type or arrangement. Templates and forms provided include; Company policy, staff application form, employer responses, consideration checklists, Agreement variation.

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