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April 2017 Newsletter

Published 03 Apr 2017
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Easter Holidays & Anzac Day

Easter weekend falls later this year between 14 April 2017 and 17 April 2017.   Employers should check that they are paying their employees correctly over the period. Good Friday and Easter Monday ARE Public Holidays. Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday are NOT. 25th of April is Anzac Day.  This year it falls on a Tuesday and is observed on that day....full story

Easter Sunday trading

Since the passing of the provisions of the Shop Trading Hours Employers can no longer compel their shop employees to work on Easter Sunday or treat them adversely for refusing to work. A provision in an employment agreement which requires a shop employee to work on Easter Sunday is unenforceable.
...full story

90 Day Trial Period scrutinised in Court

A Fruit Quality Controller has had his 90 Day Trial Period dismissal dismissed by the Employment Relations Authority....full story

Workplace Bullying Is No April Fool’s Joke

Employers need to ensure that they are treating complaints of bullying seriously and taking a proactive approach towards creating a safe environment for all employees. This was a costly lesson to learn for P&W Painters Ltd....full story

Zero Hour Contracts & Minimum wage

Quick reminders:

A zero-hour contract is one where an employee is required to be available to work as and when required by an employer but without any guarantee of a minimum number of hours. Businesses who have a clause to this effect had until April 1st 2017 to ensure all previous and future employment agreements comply with the new law. All our Employment Agreements do, but if you are unsure about yours please contact us 0800 15 8000.

Adult Minimum Wage has increased by 50c to $15.75 per hour as from April 1st 2017