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Easter Holidays & Anzac Day

Published 03 Apr 2017

Easter weekend falls later this year between 14 April 2017 and 17 April 2017.   Employers should check that they are paying their employees correctly over the period.

Good Friday and Easter Monday ARE Public Holidays. Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday are NOT.  Although Easter Sunday is a restricted trading day, it is not a public holidays and therefore there is no entitlement to a paid day off or time and a half for hours worked on this day.

If any employees work on any part of Easter Friday or Easter Monday, they will be entitled to the time and a half payment for the time worked on that day. Also, if the day falls on otherwise a working day for the employee and they work on the day, they will be entitled to an alternative holiday (day in lieu) at ordinary rates.
Employees who do not work on the public holiday, but it would normally be a working day for them, should be compensated for the day.  

The 25th of April is Anzac Day.  This year it falls on a Tuesday and is observed on that day. 

An employee who normally works on this day will receive a paid day off, and if required to work will receive time and a half, and an alternative holiday if the day is an otherwise working day for the employee.

Casual employees who have regularly been working on Tuesday over the past few weeks may also be entitled to receive a paid day off. 

For more information on whether to pay your employees or not for Anzac Day please see our eBook on Annual Holidays and Leave.  For Employers Support Package members this is available for download in the Library section of the Employers Toolbox, or non-members can purchase it here