Employers Toolbox Mobile

Mobile web app in the cloud

Employers Toolbox Mobile

The Employers Toolbox Mobile is a web application designed specifically for use on mobile or handheld devices with smaller screens. As a mobile web application, unlike traditional 'phone apps' there is no installing, upgrading or platform specific versions. This version of our Employers Toolbox will look and behave the same on Android, IOS and Windows and doesn't ever need upgrading.

It is designed to offer cut down functionality, reference and download capability.


  • Dashboard - Company & last login information, all Alerts, latest news & training videos are available here
  • Staff - All current staff by branch are detailed. View & download staff documents including Agreements, reviews, disciplinary and uploaded documents
  • Agreements - Download and review current Employment Agreement templates, your own custom templates, saved Agreements, reference materials & eBooks
  • Performance - Access to your saved Performance Reviews and the latest eBook on conducting Performance Reviews and assessments
  • Discipline - Instant access to disciplinary & termination processes. Template letters and instructions on how to conduct the meetings and the words to use. Download your saved documents and eBooks on the subject
  • Library - Download eBooks, policies and your company's documents on demand from this central repository

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety module offers the following functionality:
  • Health & Safety Alerts - H & S system alerts requiring attention
  • Health & Safety Team - See or download team member details. Who they are & where they are in your organisation
  • Contractors - See and download details, induction forms and Health & Safety policies for Contractors in your workplace
  • Emergency Procedures - View & download your documented procedures and policy documents
  • Health & Safety Manual - Download and review individual chapters and policies from your Health & Safety manual
  • Hazards - Identify, register and review hazards at your workplace. Take pictures with your mobile device and upload them to your hazard register
  • Hazardous Substances - Review & download infomation and material data sheets from your Hazardous Substances Register
  • Incidents & Accidents - Download incident reports, and report accidents as they happen with your mobile device

Accessing the Employers Toolbox Mobile

Simply browse to our Employers Toolbox website (www.EmployersToolbox.co.nz) with your smart device and click on login to access the secure site. The site will automatically detect if your device is capable of using the Mobile technology and send you to the Mobile version automatically. If you don't want to use the Mobile Toolbox you can revert back to the full Employers Toolbox from a link on the Dashboard of the Mobile site.
If you have a demonstration code you can also use this in the Mobile version.


Following the same login privilege structure as the full Employers Toolbox, user level access rules are enforced on the Mobile version also. If a user login doesn't have access to (for example) Performance Reviews, that module will be absent from the navigation menu.
For more information on the full version of the Employers Toolbox click here

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