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Simpler Business Institute

Published 01 Jul 2009

Simpler Business Institute – Please don't miss this.

The number of calls for help from EAL clients and other business owners has increased dramatically – for obvious reasons.

We searched the Web and among our professional contacts for helpful programmes that can turn any business around. The search included nearly every English speaking country world-wide.

Tucked away in the outskirts of Brisbane there hides one Dr Ian Dover (PhD) and we have convinced him to come to Albany, Auckland and run a workshop on 11th August 2009. We have thoroughly investigated the course and the supporting materials. Ian has done with business management what EAL has done with Employment law. He has made it simple. It is very, very simple. We know his package works. We are making our offices available to him without charge to run a course.

We have agreed to fund the course and allow businesses to pay over six months. It is however - not our course.

Attend the course and be prepared to come away stunned – it's that good. Please read the guarantee below. BRING A FRIEND FREE.
Simpler Business Brochure
Click here for more information on the course

GUARANTEE - The guarantee is that if anyone is unhappy, SBI will refund your money in full. That is a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee – and you can keep and use the systems and tools. This eliminates any risks for you.

For more information on the Simpler Business Institute please see their website :