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July 2009 Newsletter

Published 01 Jul 2009

Swine Flu & Other Pandemics - Who Pays?

The Pandemic sweeping NZ now stands at 1555 verified cases and seven deaths in NZ. How will it affect NZ businesses? What to do and how to do it...full story

Simpler Business Institute

A workshop/seminar. Can we invite you to click here...full story


Employers need to have performance management systems in place to ensure that good performance actually happens. Often poor performance runs over to misconduct (like lateness) and for some tips please ...full story

Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers - What You Should Know, there's a few new difficulties given the unemployment rate...full story

Suspension Process

When one can suspend and how to carry out the process. The suspension process is available to employers where the employee can be removed from the place of work in special circumstances...full story