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June 2013 Newsletter

Published 10 Jun 2013
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Weather Related Absenteeism - Does The Employee Get Paid?

With the current atrocious Winter weather being experienced around the country, Employers may be uncertain on their obligations for paying Employees whose attendance at work is affected....full story

Truck Driver With Only 4 Months Service Awarded Over $60,000

This was awarded to the female truck driver by the Employment Relations Authority for constructive dismissal....full story

What Is Constructive Dismissal?

This is where an Employee resigns as a result of the Employer’s conduct, action, or words used....full story

Parental Leave Payments To Be Increased

Labour minister announced that from 1 July 2013 the parental leave payment will be increased. ...full story

Employment Contracts Creator Software Updated

The Employment Contracts Creator software has been updated. For more information...

...full story