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June Newsletter 2016

Published 07 Jun 2016
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Health and Safety: Can Employers Insure?

A Wellington builder, ordered to pay more than $60,000 after a workplace accident, has recently appeared in the media warning other Employers that they are "quite vulnerable and, if you have Employees, insure."  This has highlighted the vulnerability of Employers under the Health and Safety at Work Act and the limitation on what insurance is available.

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Performance Reviews online

The Performance Review software of the Employers Toolbox online has new features and functionality. A new ranking system has been introduced. 6 step of ratings; from 'Improvement needed' to 'Exceptional' the new system promotes more realistic options for staff self-assessments.

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When has an Employee abandoned their job?

Many Employers make the mistake of thinking an Employee has abandoned their job simply because they did not turn up for a rostered shift, and then wrongly assume they can enforce their right to dismiss. Employers need to establish whether the Employee has any intention of returning to work and make every effort to contact the Employee....full story

Cold & Flu Season: Sick leave, ‘Sickies’, and Safety

The beginning of June signals the start of winter and the cold and flu season being upon us. Employers need to consider whether Employees are entitled to sick leave, the genuineness of the sickness, and their obligations to provide a healthy and safe work place....full story

Court rules on disclosure of Employee’s criminal offending

The Court of Appeal has recently decided that where an order has been made forbidding the publication of an Employee's name, the definition of "publication" does not include the disclosure of the Employee's name to their Employer, provided the Employer has genuine interest in the information....full story