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Performance Reviews online

Published 07 Jun 2016

The Performance Review software of the Employers Toolbox online has new features and functionality.

A new ranking system has been introduced. 6 step of ratings; from 'Improvement needed' to 'Exceptional' the new system promotes more realistic options for staff self-assessments and removes the middle ground option for the fence sitters.

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Every performance review step/kpi now has the new 'slider' interface. Visually easier and optimised for use on mobile and touch ready devices.

Employee self assessments online

Staff can now securely and remotely complete their self assessments. Managers can now send out email invites to employees to complete their parts in their own time on any web capable device.

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Employees can access their review form multiple times up until the expiry date of the invite as decided by the manager. When submitted management is then alerted this has occurred.

The previous standard functionality is still available if preferred. Any existing reviews are retained in the old format, any new ones blank or template driven are given the new ranking system.

This is live now on for all members.

If you interested in access to the cloud based Employers Toolbox request an online demo