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Performance Improvement Programmes

Published 05 Feb 2017

New feature in the Employers Toolbox; Performance Improvement Programmes (PIP).

Managing staff performance can be a huge issue for a lot of businesses. A happy Employee is generally a productive Employee. Keeping staff motivated and committed to the company and their role can be challenging.

Objective and goal setting can be a great way to achieve this. Identifying and addressing training needs can improve the performance of the employee and also contribute to their own development and job satisfaction.

Employees achieving their goals can assist the business in achieving strategic goals also. Having an annual performance review should be considered a minimum for all staff.

Performance reviews encourage open dialogue between management and staff away from the day to day pressures of the job and facilitates both parties finding and correcting any issues before they develop into problems.

Performance Improvement Programmes are a recognised formal mechanism of addressing and correcting sub-standard performance problems when found. The same framework is also a great tool to use in training or up-skilling staff for new roles and challenges.

The Performance Management module in our cloud based Employers Toolbox now has this Performance Programme functionality.

It is integrated with the Performance Reviews and users can now create a performance programme, following a review or in isolation, for staff members as required.

The software provides a framework allowing you to identify the issue(s), require a change to standards and desired outcomes against an agreed time frame with periodic reviews.

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Security is as with all Toolbox documents, once a Performance Programme is linked to a staff member it is accessible from their personnel record only. Only 'unlinked' Programmes show in the 'Performance Programmes' tab.

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