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Queen’s Birthday 2017

Published 10 May 2017

This year's Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday will be observed on Monday June 5th

If the Employee is required to work they will receive ‘time and a half’ of either the Employee’s relevant daily pay (what they would have received if they had worked the day in question) or average daily pay (minus penal rates), for the hours worked. 

Employees will only receive an alternative holiday (‘day in lieu’) if the Monday is a ‘normal’ day of work.   This means that casual Employees would receive time and a half for any hours worked, but not an alternative holiday.  Employers need to be careful that casual Employees are not regularly working on Mondays over the months of April/May or otherwise Monday would become their ‘normal’ day of work and they would be entitled to an alternative holiday, or to be paid even where they don’t work.    

An Employee who ‘normally’ works on Monday, but is not required to work on the public holiday, will be paid for the day at either their relevant or average daily rate.

Alternative holidays and relevant daily rate calculations are discussed in depth in our eBook Annual Holidays & Leave which members can download from the Dashboard Library on Non-members can choose to purchase from here.