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Employers Newsletter May 2017

Published 10 May 2017
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Employment Agreement Updates

Our latest Employment Agreements are available now. Following recent legislation changes and Court decisions, several significant changes have been implemented throughout our range of Agreements. Content changes include:...full story

Zero Hour Contracts – Restrictions on Employers

Since last month, the ‘zero hour contract’ legislation has placed a number of restrictions on Employers and what is allowed in Employment Agreements.  Employers are now restricted from requiring Employees to be available for work outside of their standard work hours....full story

Specific Consent to Deductions

Recent amendments to the Wages Protection Act have introduced more extensive criteria which Employers must meet before they can make deductions from any Employee’s wages. It was previously understood that Employers could simply rely on general deduction clauses in their agreements.  However, there is now a requirement for consultation with the Employee and...full story

Pay Equality and Pay Equity Claims

The Government claims The Draft Employment (Pay Equity and Equal Pay) Bill promotes the enduring settlement of pay equity claims through a bargaining framework and re-enacts, in an up-to-date and accessible form, the provisions of the Equal Pay Act 1972 relating to claims for equal pay and unlawful discrimination....full story

Queen’s Birthday 2017

This year's Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday will be observed on Monday June 5th. If the Employee is required to work they will receive ‘time and a half’ of either the Employee’s relevant daily pay (what they would have received if they had worked the day in question) or average daily pay (minus penal rates), for the hours worked. Employees will only receive an alternative holiday (‘day in lieu’) if the Monday is a ‘normal’ day of work....full story